Hout van het Ledig Erf krijgt een tweede leven

Wood from the Ledig Erf gets a second life

We love the Ledig Erf!
That is why we are extra happy with the pieces of characteristic city wood that we collected today from the Tafelboom Foundation. It is wood with aromas of bock and spring beer and a tannin of positive energy and old-fashioned conviviality. The vibrant Ledig Erf resonates in the beautiful wood of this tree.

This elm adorned the Ledig Erf for many years, but is now ready for a second life.
For now I can see some very nice unique drinks boards, but of course much more is possible with this iconic part of the city.

Would you like to bring a piece of this tree into your home? Look in our webshop.
We still have various products made from this beautiful city wood in stock, such as key rings, bottle openers or drinks boards.

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