Hout waar muziek in zit!

Wood with music in it!

Under all circumstances. Together with friends in the queue on the Oudegracht, that's where the fun started. I still remember the friendly atmosphere and the palpable tension beforehand. Once inside... buy a ticket, walk through the long hallway, turn right into the dark, hang up your coat and then go through the swinging doors into the large hall.

There they stood. All. From the Peppers and Pearl Jam to Utrecht's Kyteman and from REM and Nirvana to De Dijk. It is an impressive list of bands that tore up the pop venue on the Oudegracht! So many special moments were celebrated and shared in Tivoli. What memories!

It was over in 2014 and the music venue moved to TivoliVredenburg. Now, almost 10 years later, large-scale renovations are underway. While retaining many old details, the old building will be transformed into a boutique hotel with restaurant and a stage for emerging talent.

Fortunately, we got the chance to do very special things with the wood of Utrecht's most legendary music venue. We turned the old filing cabinets into characteristic serving boards and bottle openers. The old dust has been blown off. We left the scratches and dents intact. And, after removing hundreds of decades-old nails, we transformed the old window frames into key rings starring the artists of yesteryear. Fans can choose which performance they want to have immortalized in this unique wood.

To support Utrecht as a stage for music and culture for the widest possible audience, part of the proceeds will go to the TivoliVredenburg Foundation. This is how we keep the legacy of the Tivoli music venue alive together!
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