Nijntje samen met Noest tegen sikkelcelziekte

Miffy together with Noest against sickle cell disease

In collaboration with Mercis bv, Noest presents 'Miffy on the moon' and 'Miffy on the star'. These unique Miffy Christmas pendants represent your generosity during the holidays.

Order them now, because with your purchase you support research into a better treatment of sickle cell disease! For every Christmas pendant sold, €5 goes to The Sickle Cell Fund .

The Sickle Cell Fund
Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder. Many people do not know about the existence of this nasty disease, while approximately 300,000 children are born with sickle cell disease worldwide every year. The Sickle Cell Fund is therefore committed to raising awareness of sickle cell disease so that the disease becomes more widely known. To this end, they organize events such as Be Amazed and World Sickle Cell Day.

In addition, the Sickle Cell Fund makes subsidies available for groundbreaking scientific research into this hereditary and painful blood disease. This may include research into the treatment, but also into the course or the different forms of sickle cell disease.

Will you help?
Without treatment, children with sickle cell disease do not live longer than 5 years. The Sickle Fund is there for them.

Will you help? The Miffy Christmas pendants from Noest can be ordered until December 5 via the Noest webshop.

In 2022, thanks to your orders for the Miffy Christmas pendant, Noest raised €1,250 for this charity. In 2023 this was €750

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