Noest hout van de Rode Beuk

Noest wood from the Red Beech

Impressive, beautiful and mighty large. Superlatives are insufficient for the almost 180 year old Red (actually Brown) Beech that stood near the Rosarium in the Wilhelmina Park.

The old beech was immortalized in poems and described in books. She was a good friend, a conversation partner and a source of strength for fellow citizens and local residents. The news that the centuries-old tree had to be cut down struck a chord with many Utrecht residents.

Utrecht residents gathered on Sunday, February 2, 2020 to say goodbye to the terminally ill and dying beech. That day, Utrecht residents and residents celebrated life together with the Rode Beuk. Those present told stories, shared memories and held a minute of silence.

And as happens in nature, old made way for new. A new beech was planted where the old Red Beech stood. And while the young beech at the Rosarium is rapidly growing into an adult tree, we can give the old beech a final destination.

We can proudly announce that we have the honor of giving the Red Beech of the Wilhelmina Park a second life. We use the wood to make unique key rings , refrigerator magnets , cufflinks and ornaments in the shape of a beech leaf.

The products tell the story of the tree and its home. The story of transience, but above all the story of life. We took great care in selecting wood that had not been weakened or affected by disease. We have kept the natural distortions intact as much as possible.

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