Platanen vol verhalen van het Vredenburgplein

Plane trees full of stories from Vredenburgplein

On dark dance evenings they rocked along with joyful rows in front of Club Poema. They watched over shoppers and watched couples dine in Drieharingstraat. On Saturday mornings they stretched again early in the morning sun while market vendors set up their stands.

Prominent on the large Vredenburgplein. There they stood. All day long, in all weather conditions. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city and between the smells of freshly roasted nuts and Dutch cheese, Flemish fries, warm syrup waffles and fresh fish.

They were there when Hoog Catharijne was opened, and when Hoog Catharijne was renovated. They saw Tivoli Vredenburg rise and shops come and go. They provided shelter for sheltering tourists, shade for market people and they shared their branches with hungry seagulls in the center of Utrecht.

These plane trees stood on Vredenburgplein for 90 and 50 years and were cut down in 2021. We are happy that their wood has not been lost and proud that we can give it a second life. Would you like to bring this history into your home? We just have a series of serving boards made from these special plane trees in our webshop.

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