Samen aan de slag voor Stichting Utrechts Landschap

Working together for the Utrecht Landscape Foundation

With the men from Reinaerde Remake Meubel we collected wood from the carpentry workshop of Utrechts Landschap .

Together with our favorite furniture makers we settled in the beautiful surroundings, in the middle of the Beerschoten Estate. In the middle of nature we always find an environment that inspires, provides peace and refreshes. We should do that more often.

At the workshop we only received beautiful pieces of oak. This beautiful oak from the Utrechtse Heuvelrug will be transformed into luxurious drinks boards in the coming weeks. These planks are intended for donors and protectors of the Utrecht Landscape. People who care about the Utrecht landscape. How beautiful is that?

We are of course happy to contribute to this.
In this way we give this oak a second life and prevent wood waste with a sustainable and timeless product. A product that may last as long as the lifespan of this tree. A product that is intended for people with their hearts in the right place.

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