Stunten met stadshout

Stunting with city wood

Recently, old skateboard decks from Skatepark Utrecht have been given a second life at Noest.

And we think that's cool! Not only because we like to stand on a board ourselves, but also because it gives a very cool effect in the products we can make with the decks.

How do we do that?
We strip the decks of their grip layer. We do this very thoroughly and is therefore a time-consuming process. We then saw the planks and glued them together under high pressure to create one plank. We then saw them out and of course engraved them with the characteristic engraving that reflects the origins of the wood.

This creates a unique and very colorful pattern that will be quickly recognized by many skateboarders. These Dom Tower key rings made of skateboard wood are a cheerful new variant of our city wooden Dom Tower key ring!
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