Unieke medailles voor Utrechtse skate kids

Unique medals for Utrecht skate kids

We made these unique medals from used decks from Skatepark Utrecht . They were handed out to the winners of the 030 Junior Skate Cup this Sunday!

Curious how we processed this wood into a product?

We received these decks from Skatepark Utrecht. They have really been used, so they have some wear and tear. First of all, we strip these decks of their stiff grip layer.
We do this very thoroughly and is therefore a time-consuming process.

We then saw the planks and glued them together under high pressure to create one plank. Then we sawed this out. These personalized medals are then engraved with a logo and personal message from Skatepark Utrecht.

Cool medals with a very colorful pattern, which will be quickly recognized by many skateboarders.
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