Utrechts stadshout in de schaduw van de Domtoren

Utrecht city wood in the shadow of the Domtoren

The iconic Dom candle from Kaarsenmakerij Snel has been a household name in Utrecht since 1982.

Candle making company Snel
The current candle factory was established in 2016 and was founded by twin sisters Mandy and Manon Snel who breathed new life into the company of their uncle, Ruud Snel. He has been a candle maker in Utrecht since 1969 and made the original Dom candle in 1982 for the 600th anniversary of Utrecht's most important monument.

His workshop and shop "Ruud's Waskit" was located on the Donkerstraat right next to the Cathedral for years. Ruud was a colorful person with a lot of humor and he wanted to 'spread light' with his candles. His Domkaars is a tough product that deserved continuity anyway.

When we were asked to think about a matching coaster made from Utrecht city wood, we didn't have to think long!

Based on the packaging of the candle, the wood of a Dutch elm from the Paardenveld was transformed into a coaster. A real Utrecht product, which sheds light on Utrecht collaboration, connection and history.
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