Terms and Conditions

1 - Quality of products: Noest guarantees the quality of its products and ensures a solid finish.
2 - Delivery time: Noest will deliver the ordered products to the customer within the agreed delivery time.
3 - Shipping costs: The shipping costs for online orders are clearly stated on the webshop and are the responsibility of the customer.
4 - Delivery: Noest is responsible for the delivery of the products and will inform the customer about this.
5 - Delivery to third parties: Noest is entitled to deliver the products to a third party designated by the customer.
6 - Payment: The customer is obliged to pay the invoice within the payment term stated on the invoice.
7 - Complaints & warranty: The customer is obliged to inspect the products immediately upon receipt and to report any damage.
8 - Liability: Noest is only liable for direct damage and only insofar as this is the result of intent or willful recklessness on the part of Noest.
9 - Retention of title: All delivered products remain the property of Noest until the customer has fulfilled all obligations under the agreement.
10 - Changes: Changes to the agreement must be recorded in writing.
11 - Applicable law: Dutch law applies to the agreement.